Genesis Hand Sanitizer 500mL

CAD $15.00

Safe, simple and gentle on your skin, Genesis Health Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer offers premium antiseptic protection against the spread of bacterial infection. 

This easily-dispensed gel contains 80% v/v ethyl alcohol for maximum germ-killing strength –earning it a spot on the list of hand sanitizers authorized by Health Canada, as posted on the Government of Canada’s COVID 19 site. Its controlled evaporation rate meets Health Canada’s mandated 30 second minimum contact time to effectively destroy bacteria. Yet its surprisingly gentle – with advanced skin conditioners and moisturizers that leave your hands feeling soft and hydrated. This clear, colourless viscous liquid is easy to apply. Formulated for ideal lubicity, it glides on easily – quickly covering your hands right down to the skin between your fingers. 

This non-foaming antibacterial cleanser promotes personal hand hygiene and helps prevent the spread of bacteria.

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